O dwóch takich

"I died four times"
Julia Lachowicz

The next chapter in the life of Piotr Pogon, this time seen from "aside". Sharply, clearly, no holding back, as seen by a journalist. A summary of nearly 50 years of a supercharged life. An example of a man who doesn't compromise while trying to deceive what is inevitable and crosses the boundaries of human capabilities. Finally, an image of the ups and downs of a human, questions about the path, and the meaning of love and compassion. In this book, the reader will not find a single moment of reprieve because this is the life of Piotr.

O dwóch takich

"Two fellas in the Andes"
Katarzyna Pinkosz, Łukasz Żelechowski

This is not a book about mountains! This book is about friendship, passion, endurance and teamwork. Exquisitely published, recognised by the “Magellan” publishing awards, it focuses on the expedition which earned the title of the “Achievement of the Year 2011” in the National Geographic “Traveler” competition. Ultimately, this is a humorous story about two “defective specimens” who give hope to others and who have forgotten about the personal pronoun “I”. The book also presents the other two participants of the Richter Aconcagua Expedition 2011 expedition: Bogdan Bednarz and Arek Mytko. They both have one thing in common: their extraordinary love for mountains. Moreover, the book discusses the medical aspects of staying at high altitudes.

Każdy ma swoje Kilimandżaro

"We all have our own Kilimanjaro"
Małgorzata Wach

What I find most valuable in the book by Małgorzata Wach is the message that anyone who rises to a challenge is a winner through trying to overcome difficulties, regardless of the result. From among nine disabled people who attempted the challenge to climb Kilimanjaro, only five “succeeded”. However, ALL of them are winners (sic!). Every effort deserves a reward - “You’ve tried at least!“ And the pinnacle itself ... sooner or later ... smaller or bigger ... we will all conquer – if we try.