Charity Work

I know that comfortable daily existence is a result of hard work and choices we are forced to make in life. I strive never to forget about empathy and listen to those who find life’s challenges too difficult to overcome. I am a person who is educated and aware, and I care for my own development, but I must admit that my serious illness and daily work with disabled people had a significant impact on my perception of interpersonal relationships. I no longer associate the word POKORA (humility) only with the surname of a well-known Polish actor. I know how loneliness, hopelessness of exclusion, and unanswered cries for help feel. I will never stop admiring the unconditional mother’s love for disabled children. Sometimes, when something breaks inside me I am not ashamed of tears. I know that people can be cold-hearted but it pays off to put yourself in someone else's shoes, to always attempt to climb higher while sorting out problems on the way. One thing is certain. It is worthwhile to give yourself to others, to share your talents, contacts, human warmth... just to hear one word in return: Thank you! I, in turn, always want to return to you as it is the weakest, ill and deprived people that do not let me forget who I am and where I am heading.