Oncological ADHD

Neil Arm strong once said: I believe that every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I am a normal guy with an unusual life story. I was born four times. Every relapse of cancer has left me with more scars on my body, but every day of my life is now more intense. Nothing stayed the same after that. Illness, failures and personal triumphs as well as perceptiveness towards the world and the people surrounding me have enabled me to make full use of what has been given to me. I have been infected with the incurable enchantment (sic!) with Life. The doctors jokingly refer to this condition as oncological ADHD. If someone after my lung resection procedure said to me that in a few years I would see the world from the highest peaks of Africa and South America; I would run hundreds of miles in marathons over the Kenyan savannah and the streets of New York or Tokyo in aid of charities; that I would be proudly wearing a medal from the Ironman triathlon, and my work would basically make me an intermediary for what is good... I would not have believed (!), deeming this to be a prophecy of a madman. There wouldn’t be a Piotr without the extraordinary people I was lucky to meet. This was greatly facilitated by my amnesia to the personal pronoun “I”. I don’t live for myself and all my successes I owe to friendship, kindness and demanding teamwork. Is there a joy greater than serving as mountain eyes for my sightless friend?! I’ve worked for many well-known Foundations (e.g. the foundations of Anna Dymna, Jan Mela). I give advice to young people as part of consultations for the non-governmental sector. I am an active fundraising coach, CSR & NGO consultant, charity event organiser and motivational speaker. My Friends are a priceless gift and my home is everywhere! In Kraków, Żywiec, Nairobi, Kathmandu, Buenos Aires, or Yokohama. I have been lucky to help many disabled people and disadvantaged children. My adult son Szymon and my little daughter Emilka are my greatest Joy and Pride. They are a wonderful part of me. Sometimes working for the benefit of others in need is recognised. The books: “Każdy ma swoje Kilimandżaro” (We all have our own Kilimanjaro”) and “O dwóch takich...Teraz Andy” (“Two fellas in the Andes”), and the National Geographic “Traveler” award in the category “Achievement of the Year 2011” are recognitions which are not limited to myself. They recognise everyone who on a daily basis achieves their life’s peaks and faces life’s challenges. Thank you Good Shepherd for the Miracle that is my life as it allows me to share with others my hope and belief in what is considered impossible and unachievable. Piotr Pogon

Piotr Pogon