What do I associate with the word friendship?

My answer to this question is: Personally?  Selflessness, ability to listen, tolerance, empathy, therapy, sacrificing your own time, never saying “I’ve got my own things to deal with”. Friendship is: “depend on me”, “visit any time”, “are you hungry?”, “you’ll give it back when you have some”, “don’t leave us so quickly”, “I know you can do it”, “I trust you”. Professionally? Because of my profession, achievements and so-called communication, friendship is shown in a calm mutual synergy – and not only asking “how much do we need?”, but also “will we find a way?” It is a Christmas card with a few kind words inside.

Friendship is in the word “thank you” and “I appreciate it”. It is equality and mutual respect. It is a relationship where the suit is not important but what we ourselves represent. Friends, both personal and professional, are the most valuable gift I have received from life. There wouldn’t be Piotr with his achievements, breaking through barriers, with heart and mind open to others ... if I didn’t receive it myself from my friends. Sometimes our roads part but this light of friendship remains. It shines as bright as diamonds. Thank you all. With great respect, Piotr