Moi Przyjaciele

  • Joasia Bąk  
    In unison de iure we strive to get to the bottom of the non-governmental realm. For many years. We have already helped to establish or restore to normal operation a great number of foundations together...
  • Bogdan Bednarz  
    Mountain rescuer, mountain aficionado, a mate. The most modest man among the greatest. The most important person who always remains in the shadow. We ran many miles together, we climbed many mountains. I would never leave him behind on the trail, as he saved my life.
  • Tomek Brzegowy  
    He has never let me down. He does not understand the phrase: what will I get in return?
  • Marcin Dudek  
    A sturdy pillar of our Elbrus Expeditions Team.
  • Anna Dymna  
    She has changed my life. Literally. She’s speeding towards another galaxy but I will always be able to see her light.
  • Grzegorz Dziadowiec  
    I don’t know what I have done to deserve it, but after every visit to his VELOART headquarters I feel like crying with happiness. Pure selflessness, passion, professionalism, empathy - you will find it there.
  • Arletta & Zbyszek Frankowscy  
    Thanks to them, Warsaw has been my second home for many years now. They give all without caring to have much themselves.
  • Prof. dr hab. Bogdan Gliński  
    “My Professor” ... over a quarter of a century of an oncological epic. Respect and gratitude.
  • Dr Paweł Grabowski  
    A doctor treating not only human bodies. He helps those who are at the end of their life’s journey. His faith is so mature and immense that I am astonished. He gave me Podlasie.
  • Jacek Grochal  
    We have known each other since we were six. A stormy friendship and so lengthy that it deserves respect. I keep my fingers crossed for Jacek. Currently, he’s on the big island.
  • Paweł Janik  
    A volcano of a man who made it possible for me to look into the eyes of cheetahs, to run through the savannah, to escape from a crocodile. He has taught me what love for a disabled child is.
  • Marian Jarosławski  
    “Maniek” sees and addresses the Polish reality just as I do. Since high school, we have been taking life in our stride, even though it sometimes beats us to a pulp. He is a great companion to have sensible discussions in the company of other men.
  • Maja Jaworska  
    Her decisions were always a turning point in my life. I miss her smile. Very much.
  • Małgosia Kalicińska  
    A while ago an ideal female from Sevres - a "Renaissance woman". Currently, it is more unseemly for both of us, so we don’t go too crazy anymore.
  • Zbyszek Kania  
    Selfless and helpful. Regardless whether it is athletics training or carrying wardrobes on the occasion of the next house move. He does not judge or comment. But he is always there.
  • Arek Kogut  
    The most promising professional cycling coach of the new generation. He didn’t mind getting my old body into shape. Training sessions became full of colour and my saggy bits have finally capitulated.
  • Piotr Krupa  
    Apparently a millionaire, a shareholder of some massive company. For me, an owner of a Massive Heart. An Ironman who can render me defenceless with a single text message. Send someone to Yokohama or Zurich without any publicity. He always ends with a single sentence: “I don’t need any confirmations from you”.
  • Arek Kukałowicz  
    Went to Mount Kenya with me. He showed me the GPS for the soul used by the Polish Franciscan missionaries. His orphans made me open my heart to charity work for Africa.
  • Ewa Nowak  
    Together with me, she touched the Elbrus’s peak and the finish line of the Bieszczady “Butcher’s Run” ultramarathon. An ambitious and tough woman. A mystery.
  • Wojtek Pajor  
    “Maciupa” from the time we were scouts has always made my belly hurt with laughing. An incredible joker in the best meaning of the word.
  • Monika Papkoj  
    Has made me completely re-evaluate the word “sponsor”.
  • Piotr Pogoń  
    He opened up the African Milky Way to me. To me and many Kenyan children in need.
  • Tom Ruhan  
    An Irish man who should be thrown up into the air every day by Saint Patrick. He helped me immensely on my fundraising path.
  • Dr Narcyz Sadłoń  
    He saved my frostbitten fingers and showed me what Uniform, Honour and your Birthplace means. I’m not exaggerating.
  • Maryjka Sapieha-Beckmann  
    Her house in Nairobi was a safe oasis to me. Embodiment of everything of that is important and valuable in Polish tradition.
  • Ela Sowa  
    A girl scout from the next tent ... living in Japan for many years now. It was thanks to her that I was looked after and enjoyed myself immensely in Yokohama. Her “husband” Kim learnt the meaning of the Polish word: vase (wazonik) after my participation in the Tokyo Marathon.
  • Darek & Marta Toch  
    I am grateful to them as they gave me help me when I fell.
  • Agnieszka Bertman-Wierzchowska  
    From our meeting at the Traveler Awards 2011 gala, she has been a good angel to my projects, challenges and everything that is “playing in our hearts”. The warmest person from the ones which are always on the go.
  • Martyna Wojciechowska  
    Od naszego spotkania na Gali Travelerów 2011, Dobry Anioł moich projektów, wyzwań i „męskiego duszy grania”. Najcieplejsza z Wiecznie Nieobecnych
  • Paweł Ząbek  
    A top man in every walk of life. From running to high-mountain expeditions. We’ve had some good times together!
  • Łukasz Żelechowski  
    A blind (?) person … who has opened my eyes to the world around me.