During my periodic health check-up the doctor asked: - Profession? I answered: - Fundraiser The doctor uttered a little whine and with a tone of reproach in his voice said: - Mr Pogon, the Act on Polish Language has been adopted in this country for a reason. Can you use our mother tongue when talking to me?!? I smiled... - Doctor, in that case please write this down: Effectively and professionally “begging” for the benefit of non-governmental organisations, ill people and people in need, operating in the field of prosocial and charity activities, uff! The doctor answered in a little voice: - How do you spell this f u n d r a i s e r ?

I have the best profession (?) in the world. It allows me to feel like Father Christmas for 364 days in the year... When I was a businessman, the balance was either in the red or in the black – it was simple and predictable. In my fundraising life I can experience values which are completely unmeasurable. I will never get to know the final estimate of values like: human health and life, rehabilitation sessions, education of disabled people, the smile of orphaned children, the zeal of volunteers, the anonymity of benefactors, the consequences of pro bono publico activities, etc. This list of examples illustrating the uniqueness of fundraising could go on forever. I work “for” and “with” people. I operate within a delicate sphere, where trust, respect and gratitude are integral elements of my relations. I have solid foundations for effective actions. I was given an opportunity to stand “on the other side” – of wealth and homelessness, fighting for your life, loneliness, or the feeling of pointlessness of your life. Today, I get the biggest share of joy from contacts with young people who sacrifice their energy, time and skills to other people. And when I run out of strength... I look through the photographs, read letters from the families of “my” children, and make some calls to old benefactors and firms. I always have these magic words for them: THANK YOU and I REMEMBER.